3 Safety Tips Your Pre-Schooler Will Learn in A TryATA School

3 Safety Tips Your Pre-Schooler Will Learn in A TryATA School


TryATA offers three safety tips that your child will learn in a TryATA karate school where kids learn how to be safe.

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Parents bring their kids to TryATA karate programs for different reasons. Some have children who are overweight and bring them to us to help them slim down. Others want their kids to do better in school and behave around the house. They find that TryATA karate programs teach them the skills to do this. However, many parents bring their kids to TryATA.com kids programs because they want them to become more safety conscious and learn to extricate themselves from potentially threatening situations.

TryATA.com Karate for Kids

All the programs offered for kids at TryATA karate school are designed to give kids the tools they need to defend themselves should the need arise. In fact, many of the safety tips and techniques instilled in TryATA karate programs are intended to stave off danger before it ever fully materializes.

Never Get Into a Stranger’s Car

Young people are open-minded and impressionable. Unfortunately, this also means they can be naive and unsuspecting. One of the safety principles instilled in TryATA karate programs is never to get into a stranger’s car. TryATA karate kids to politely but firmly refuse. If the stranger is more persistent, we teach them to run away and find a parent or a neighbor. Should push come to shove, the training provided for kids in our TryATA karate programs is specially designed to help them overpower an assailant for long enough to break free and flee.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is another of the main safety tenets we instill in TryATA Karate for kids programs. Often, avoiding a dangerous situation is as simple as crossing to the other side of a street or staying out of dimly lit areas when walking. TryATA karate students are taught to travel on well-lit, populated paths when walking home from school or a friend’s house at night.

Strike Quickly and Run

Even the most well-trained of students at TryATA Karate for kids programs would have a hard time going toe to toe with an adult opponent. This is why they are taught techniques that are designed to stun assailants long enough to break free and escape to safety. At TryATA facilities, karate techniques like elbow strikes to the face, punches to the groin and jabs to the eye are encouraged because when delivered forcefully, they are capable of disabling an opponent long enough to make a good escape.

If you are interested in finding out how training in a TryATA kids program can help your children to better protect themselves, please contact TryATA.com.

Train Hard and Stay Safe!