4 Ways Karate Classes Help Kids

Kids love karate, and more parents are seeing the value of kids karate classes. Did you know that karate classes can actually help your child be happier, healthier and more responsible? Here are four of the ways that our classes can help your child grow:

1. It builds confidence. One thing that martial arts instructors hear all the time from students is how their martial arts training helped build confidence and self esteem. This is even truer for kids than it is for adults. Kids face many social pressures and a lot of judgment, and they don’t know how to respond to it. Sometimes this judgment comes from friends, sometimes from bullies, sometimes even from adults—even what they see on TV may make them wonder if they’re “good enough.” Our children karate classes teach kids that they are good enough, and it gives them the firsthand experience to back that up. At every karate class our students can see themselves gradually improving, performing movements better and better. They understand that they can grow and develop new skills, and they know they’re mastering something valuable. There is nothing more meaningful than this.

2. Kids learn to make the right decisions. Learning right from wrong is a major part of our classes. Essential to the philosophy of karate is using power only for justice, and never to hurt or oppress others. Karate descends from a long Japanese tradition with a codeKarate for Kids of conduct that encourages caring for those who are weaker or need help. Children learn to embody this attitude as a core part of their training.

3. Fitness. Many families are struggling seeing their children deal with obesity and not knowing how to stop the trend. Eating right is a major part of kids’ fitness but so is exercise. Taking karate classes several times a week means your child gets regular, concentrated sessions of fitness activities that they truly enjoy. Karate is a highly active martial art with continuous aerobic activity. That means that kids karate classes can be a crucial part of a fitness program that your child can feel good about.

4. It’s fun! There’s almost nothing that fascinates kids as much as martial arts. For both boys and girls, karate feels more like exciting play than it does like learning. They can feel themselves becoming faster and stronger and they get a sense of fair, friendly competition with individual responsibility.