9 Martial Arts Fitness Tips to Stay Fit

%titleMartial arts athletes need to stay fit and fine all the time. Staying healthy always requires a lot of dedication and hard work. For this, you will have to follow a disciplined regime and should lead a healthy lifestyle.  Following are some martial arts fitness tips that will help you stay fit always.

1. Healthy diet

Continuous physical activity depletes our body of its essential nutrients. To remain healthy it is necessary for a martial artist to follow a healthy and well balanced diet, which is rich in all the necessary nutrients. Have protein rich food which is high on the energy quotient. At the same time, avoid foods that are rich in fat. Do not consume carbonated drinks and junk food, as they can lead to fat accumulation in the body. Also do drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and to flush out the toxins from your body. Remember that moderation is key, do not overeat.

2. Practice constantly

In order to stay fit and healthy, it is necessary that you practice your martial arts constantly. Do attend classes regularly so that you will be in constant touch with your Try ATA Martial Arts school and instructor. Your flexibility will increase, you will have a healthy body weight, and you will enjoy a good physical and mental health, by following this practice.

3. Step outside your comfort zone while training

Being open to new methods and techniques will ensure that you practice a wide range of movements and actions. This variety will diversify the exercises that you practice, and will involve more muscle groups in the process. So your body will experience a better-rounded workout during martial arts training.

4. Follow your instructor

While performing ATA martial arts training, always make it a point to follow the exact instructions as laid down by your Martial Art instructors. Your instructor will know your strength and weakness and so he or she will design a training program that is suited for your needs. Do not overdo the training regime as it can result in injury.

5. Train at home

If you are unable to make it to the martial arts session daily, then make it a point to train at home. This will ensure that you are fit and healthy, and not out of touch.

6. Wear safety gear

While practicing martial arts it is important to wear the appropriate safety gear. This can reduce your physical and mental health quotient to a great extent. To avoid this it is recommended that you wear safety gear as required. This will serve as a protection in the instance of wayward accidents.

7. Strengthening and stretching exercises

The exercises included in your ATA martial arts program will be focused on strengthening your joints. Before and after the practice session, involve in stretching exercises. A good warm up session is required to make the joints and muscles more flexible. A cool down session after the practice session, helps in rejuvenating the tired muscles. These practice sessions help very much in reducing the risks of injury that can happen at any point in the martial arts training session.

8. Breathing techniques

While practicing martial art techniques, do involve in breathing exercises in between. Concentrate on the low off air into your body and outside your body. Controlled breathing takes off the strain from the exercises. It also improves the blood flow rate in the body, and increases concentration.

9. A healthy lifestyle

Along with proper nutrition and exercises, you should also follow a healthy lifestyle. A proper and undisturbed sleep is very much required for your body to rejuvenate itself. Do control the intake of your drinks. Also, do give up the habit of smoking completely, as it will deteriorate your health greatly.

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-Jamie T.
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