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Become-a-Member-karate-lessonsDo your thoughts drift when you study? Do you have trouble focusing on your job? Are you having difficult focusing on a path in life? If you do, you are not alone. Most people are not able to focus on a thing for long. In fact, people’s attention span has been steadily decreasing over the years.

Without focus, you may find that you are unable to make good progress in any job you do. How much you can focus on a job is often the fine line that separates success from failure.

But we have wonderful news for you. Did you know that learning ATA Martial Arts and Karate For Kids can help you improve focus?

ATA Martial Arts can help you develop focus

ATA Martial arts is built on a regimen of training and practice to enhance the needed skill set. The amount of focus you put in your training determines your progress. To learn martial ars at one of the martial arts facilities, you have to learn to focus through the training drills and skills taught in the ATA Karate classes. As you progress, your ability to FOCUS will also improve.

This is a natural development but you reap the benefits anyway. As you progress in your martial arts training, you will see that you are learning faster and are able to retain what you learn.

As you learn self discipline, you start focusing better. If you are in school, your grades improve. Students who learn martial arts are able to perform better on math and science tests because of increased focus and concentrations. Learning a martial art can also help children who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Many children and adults are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. ATA Black Belt Academies and ATA Martial Arts schools listed on train students to enhance their ability to focus and concentrate.

“Before Amber and Adrian started Taekwondo ATA Karate Classes, they used to be really shy, and whenever they had to do a school project and talk in front of the class, you could barely hear them. Both of them were really nervous. But, since they started with the ATA [Karate] and the Leadership classes both can talk in front of the class and it has helped their grades.”

-Mark Kashay (father of Adrian and Amber)

How does it work?

When you learn martial arts, you have to work your way up from basic postures and movements to transitions between the movements. You also learn body awareness, mindfulness, and painful discipline, which needs focus. Many sports have a need for gross motor skills. Martial Arts, Songahm Taekwondo, and Karate For Kids at ATA Martial Arts utilize both gross and fine motor skills that increases the need for a higher level of focus and concentration.

When you do not focus, you cannot become good at what you do. Your practice will suffer, your goals will be vague, and all your efforts will be at best mediocre. To become a good martial artist, you have to struggle and focus makes the struggle easier as it does in all aspects of life.

Ways in which martial arts help you develop focus

There are many ways in which martial arts can help you develop focus. Here are some that ATA Martial Arts have seen to work well.

  • Martial Arts Instructions to help you learn to focus
    ATA Martial arts are not only physical trainings. There is mental instruction as well. You will be taught martial arts moves and mental movements and breathing exercises to help you focus, making your brain sharper and thought process quicker.
  • Martial Arts Belt Testing’s Graduations, and Examinations
    There are regular belt examinations to test what you have learnt. To perform well here, you need a great deal of focus. The process is designed in such a way that you must accomplish smaller goals before you climb higher in the ATA Martial Arts system. Initially, your progress will be quick but as you advance, the higher belts are more difficult to achieve and take more time. Karate, Taekwondo and Martial Arts belts are not just given out. A rank must be earned for all color belts and Black Belts at anyone of the locations.
  • Personal effort
    Everything you learn in martial arts will come to you through personal effort. The confidence that you get from this will help you focus on your life goals.
  • Martial Arts Poom se, Kata, Hyung, Form, Pattern
    Taekwondo form consists of a series of moves that have to be performed together. Your martial arts teacher will instruct you in the Songahm Taewkondo style form developed by the ATA’s founder and Grand Master Instructor, Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee. There are many Poomse’s and each form and pattern has a number of steps. To do them in the right order, your focus should be good.

At ATA Martial Arts and Black Belt Academy we can help you develop your power to focus so that you can concentrate better and achieve your goals in life. Special Offer:

The “Two Weeks Free” is valid at any participating location with some restrictions that may apply. Each licensed location with the ATA is an independently owned and operated business. The ATA is not responsible for the act or omissions of any licensee of an independently owned and operated licensed location for any obligations, contractual agreement, disputes and/or legal concerns to you that are incurred by any such licensee. Please check with each local licensed location regarding that licensed location.

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