Grand Master Soon Ho Lee Tribute

Grand Master Soon Ho Lee Tribute

ATA Spring Cover Feature

By: Jenny O’Connor

A Tribute to Grandmaster Soon Ho LeeIn October 2000, the ATA Songahm martial arts organization was shaken when its founder, Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee lost his battle with cancer. But in the face of sudden tragedy, the members of ATA united to ensure the founder’s vision would continue- it would continue under the leadership of his successor, and brother, Soon Ho Lee.

As a young boy in Korea, Soon Ho Lee started a martial arts journey. He never knew that journey would take him across the ocean to become the highest rank in the largest martial art organization in the world. Inaugurated at World Championships in June 2001, Grand Master Soon Ho Lee boldly stepped up to lead ATA Songahm Taekwondo with a promise to work hard, honor the spirit of the organization. With the guidance and support of the Master’s Council and high rank ambassadors, Grand Master Soon Ho Lee helped the ATA Songahm Taekwondo became the only martial arts organization in history to survive after the loss of its founder.

During the last ten years, ATA has reached pivotal milestones and has become a model for success in the martial arts industry. Under Grand Master’s leadership, Songahm welcomed its one-millionth student since the organization’s inception. Grand Master and his team of Masters expanded leadership curriculum and opened doors for juniors of all ages to begin learning character qualities that would create opportunities for growth in the do-jahng and beyond.

Grand Master teaches us that “There’s Always More to Learn” so it was no surprise when ATA introduced curriculum programs like Karate for Kids, Kidz’n Power so that instructors could educate families and communities to be safer in the face of potential danger. Because of this martial arts program, lives have been saved.

Whether it was one of the hundreds of tournaments, seminars, camps or special events, Grand Master made it his life’s mission to go out and be amongst the people. From day one, he has been committed to spreading Taekwondo even further while maintaining the extraordinary value of the Songahm name.

From the thousands of Martial Arts Masters, instructors, karate students and friends of Songahm Taekwondo, we thank you Grand Master Soon Ho Lee for a decade of martial arts leadership and martial arts excellence. You are an incredible part of this organization’s history, and as you serve in your emeritis role, we will all continue forth as ambassadors to make the world a better place, one black belt at a time.

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