How Karate for Kids Teaches Discipline


I have found parents bring their children to our TryATA Karate for Kids programs for a variety of reasons. Some kids are overweight and Karate for Kids helps them to slim down, improve their body image and increase self-esteem. Others are bullied at school or lack confidence and find that martial arts bolsters their self-worth and helps them develop the confidence to be leaders. However, a majority of parents seem to appreciate that the TryATA Karate for Kids programs are a great means of teaching their children better discipline.

Studying martial arts is hard work for anyone. To improve at it requires pushing yourself to surpass previous boundaries, whether they are physical, mental or otherwise. The TryATA Karate for Kids program is an excellent means of instilling a sense of the value of this hard work in young people. Many kids come into one of our award winning martial arts school locations for the Karate for Kids program lacking focus or direction. Many others have had disciplinary problems at home or at school. Karate for Kids teaches even the most rambunctious among them to be good citizens, show respect and get along well with others.

Martial arts is a physical discipline and to progress to the next level you must apply yourself. For students to do well in the TryATA Karate for Kids program, they must apply themselves, often with a focus and determination they have not known before. Many parents observe that after some time in the Karate for Kids program, their once rambunctious kids begin to carry that focus and determination over into other areas of their life like their school work.

The TryATA Karate for Kids program is intended to assist students in three fundamental areas off the martial arts mat. These are at school at home and socially. We also invite parents to create their own “wish list” to better allow our instructors to target specific problem behaviors and help minimize or eliminate them. And while our Karate for Kids program is ideal for teaching kids discipline, most kids stay in the program because it is fun!

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