How TryATA Martial Arts Can Increase Safety Awareness In Children


schoolpageimage-ATA-1-1There are plenty of reasons why parents enroll their children into our martial arts classes. In most cases, parents simply want their kids to benefit from rigorous physical activity and all the positive things that come from it. Others seek the discipline and structure that martial arts training offers, which can help their children gain greater focus in school and behave better at home. In these cases, parents simply want the best for their children and TryATA martial arts classes often provide an excellent option for parents interested in doing this.

There are also plenty of parents that want their kids to learn martial arts in order to gain self-defense skills. Our courses are not designed to place an overly-heavy emphasis on hand-to-hand combat skills and martial arts fighting; instead, we seek to imbue young children with the knowledge and training that martial arts can provide, so that they have the capability to defend themselves if need be. With these attributes, they can safely escape a bad encounter or defend themselves effectively against bullies.

Every parent wants to make sure their children stay safe from harm. Many parents will go to great lengths just to keep their children out of harm’s way. Self-defense is an absolutely important aspect of keeping oneself safe. However, paying close attention to your surroundings is perhaps one of the most valuable and important tactics for keeping yourself, as well as others within your group, safe and secure, no matter if you are a child or an adult.

“Before Amber and Adrian started Taekwondo ATA Karate Classes, they used to be really shy, and whenever they had to do a school project and talk in front of the class, you could barely hear them. Both of them were really nervous. But, since they started with the ATA [Karate] and the Leadership classes both can talk in front of the class and it has helped their grades.”

-Mark Kashay (father of Adrian and Amber)

Being aware of your surroundings simply means paying more attention to your general area as well as the people within it. TryATA Martial arts training not only teaches students what to look for when it comes to a potentially dangerous situation, but it also gives them the knowledge and hands-on training to steer clear of such situations and if need be, defend oneself or a significant other from an assault or any other form of criminal activity that can be potentially life-threatening.

Again, much of the training we offer our students involves learning how to avoid situations that could easily result in a lengthy or expensive confrontation with others. Having plenty of awareness of your immediate surroundings goes a long way toward staving off certain conflicts before they even have a chance to begin. Try ATA Martial arts helps protect children by raising their awareness level, making them more cognizant of potentially dangerous situations. It also allows them to take on common-sense measures like avoiding dimly-lit alleys or crossing a street to avoid an oncoming danger.

TryATA Martial arts training absolutely demands that students pay close attention to their surroundings, allowing them to recognize when things are getting bad and when to take a few steps back. Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid certain conflicts, which is where hands-on martial arts training comes in handy. With the proper training, a potential victim can distract or even incapacitate an assailant quick enough to escape harm’s way and seek the help of authorities.