How TryATA Martial Arts Training Can Teach Respect


Become-a-Member-karate-lessonsThe discipline of martial arts is a great way to learn the importance and value of respect. This is lacking in society, which leads to all kinds of crimes and acts of violence. Martial arts training begins in the classroom but its main principles soon become an integral part of a student’s lifestyle. They are taught self-discipline, improved self-esteem and self-confidence, and courtesy, all these qualities being unified by the underlying quality of respect. Students are encouraged to conscientiously apply the principles of respect used while performing martial arts to their daily lives in various ways.

TryATA Martial Arts for Young Students:

The renowned TryATA Martial Arts academies rank in the top ten and has been training students at various levels. The youngest group is called the Tiny Tigers and consists of children between 3 and 6 years of age. Since teenagers and youth are an impressionable lot, the TryATA Martial Arts facility has also developed its Karate for Kids and Tae Kwon Do for Teens programs to impart training on respect. The most advanced training program for adults at this facility is a style of realistic fighting called Krav Maga that evolved within the defense forces in Israel.

How Is TryATA Martial Arts Useful to Young People:

All the TryATA martial arts programs are conducted in a respectful manner so that the students learn these values by watching their trainers. Young people are easily led by example, so all interactions at the TryATA Martial Arts facility are carried out with a positive attitude. It is important to give due respect to the instructors and other students, but it is more important to respect oneself. This training is constantly advocated so that it becomes second nature to the students. Gradually, their parents, teachers and friends also begin to notice their new sense of respect in the way they interact with everyone they come in contact with outside the institute. This is one of the most valuable trainings that martial arts can impart to children, teens and the youth.

“Before Amber and Adrian started Taekwondo ATA Karate Classes, they used to be really shy, and whenever they had to do a school project and talk in front of the class, you could barely hear them. Both of them were really nervous. But, since they started with the ATA [Karate] and the Leadership classes both can talk in front of the class and it has helped their grades.”

-Mark Kashay (father of Adrian and Amber)

TryATA Martial Arts Shapes Better Individuals:

The TryATA Martial Arts institute is backed by more than two decades of training experience and has developed an effective program to teach respect and help people to enhance their lives. The owner has realized that people get out of martial arts exactly what they put into it in the first place. Contrary to popular opinion, martial arts courses do not merely teach a person how to defend themselves. They also train the student at a mental level, making them emotionally strong.


With martial arts, people are pushed to their limit and challenged to achieve what they previously thought to be impossible. In doing so, they learn the value of hard work and dedication, and can then apply these principles to face any personal or professional goal outside the martial arts training center. They develop into better individuals who value their own life and respect all the people who are a part of it. Training with TryATA Martial Arts thus plays an important role in building character and shaping people to build a better world.