Karate versus Taekwondo

Many parents would like their child to join a martial arts class but do not know the difference between the trainings. First we’ll say this – both taekwondo and karate are both amazing forms of exercise for your children that provide numerous benefits both physical and mental. Both martial arts practice the same principles which are self-discipline and respect along with a high code of personal conduct. However, there are some major differences which we will inspect closer here:


Karate originated in Okinawa and Japan while Taekwondo began in Korea. The native people in both these countries started practicing martial arts at a very early time in their histories. However, there is a discrepancy as to who began martial arts first as both claims to be the originator. It is widely believed that martial arts began in several countries all around the same time.

  • Taekwondo focuses more on foot techniques while Karate uses more hand techniques. Even though both utilize a variety of body parts in practice, they mainly focus on different things. You will learn more about kicking techniques in a taekwondo class and you will concentrate more on hand strikes in a karate class.
  • The postures, stances, and movements between taekwondo and karate are different in significant ways. Taekwondo primarily teaches a striking style where you learn how to do hand and leg strikes as well as blocking. Karate, on the other hand, teaches how to balance between kicking and hand strikes.
  • Each martial art class uses different terminology. For instance, in taekwondo, a uniform is a dobok and the school where you learn is a dojang. In Karate, a uniform is called a gi while the school is called a dojo.
  • Taekwondo is an Olympic sport while karate is not. Taekwondo is the most popular martial art style worldwide. 70 million people practice it.
  • Both martial art styles originated as forms of self-defense and both evolved to be used for more than just that reason. Both environments are disciplined and serious.
  • A karate class is more regimented and uniform while a taekwondo class will encourage you to express yourself more through strategy.

Whether you choose one over the other, both taekwondo and karate are both great forms of martial arts that allow your child to practice techniques that can be transferred into everyday life. Many parents find that going to martial arts classes for kids has benefited them tremendously.