Krav Maga


Martial-Arts-For-AdultsKrav Maga is roughly translated from Hebrew to mean close quarter fighting. Krav Maga is a modern method of protecting yourself from someone who may be posing danger to your life, whether they are armed or unarmed. This is a highly effective type of martial arts that uses various combinations of throws, strikes, holds, grapples and locks. Although Krav Maga was originally developed during the 1930’s in Czechoslovakia, it was later adapted by and continues to be used by the Israeli security forces and has been quickly growing in popularity throughout various countries around the world.

The Krav Maga philosophy stresses simultaneous defense and threat neutralization for offensive maneuvers and aggression. This form of martial arts is easily implemented and can be learned fairly easily. Compared to other martial art styles, Krav Maga is more effectively used in close quarter combat. This is a modern system of self-defense and unlike Kung Fu or Karate that were developed as a way for people to defend themselves while traveling through dangerous areas of Korea, China and Japan, Krav Maga is better used in an urban setting.

The Krav Maga technique utilizes the natural movements of the body with simple, direct movements that allow you to quickly stop an opponent. Since the Krav Maga style of fighting was originally designed to improve the street fighting skills and was refined for use by military personnel, police and civilians it focuses on practical techniques that have been proven to be effective in a common, real life attack. Krav Maga techniques include eye jabs, joint breaks and groin strikes so there is not a point system and there is no sporting federation involved in Krav Maga style of fighting.

“I started training at a Try ATA martial arts school years ago. In just six months I lost 32 lbs. What I liked and love about the ATA is that the classes are not the same old boring gym routine. It fun, challenging and a great martial arts fitness workout that teaches a reality based life skill. My ATA instructor is more then a coach or a teacher, and a mentor in life. Thank you for all that you do for me and my family. A true “Victory in Martial Arts”.”
-Jamie T.

The Krav Maga style of fighting is reliant on several techniques and it requires a keen sense of awareness, aggressiveness and discipline. Unlike many other forms of martial arts that follow a code of non-violence, Krav Maga relies heavily on aggression. The primary goal of Krav Maga is to quickly end an encounter by any means necessary. In order to avoid conflict or head off your opponent, discipline and awareness are vital to the effective use of Krav Maga.

The primary motive of Krav Maga training is to make the student an expert of enough moves to defend themselves without thinking or hesitation. The training is done to simulate real world combat conditions and involves grappling, wrestling and striking techniques. Primary techniques of Krav Maga include strikes with elbows and knee, punches and basic kicks. The moves are simple to learn yet will easily stop an attacker when used in real situations.

Training in Krav Maga is designed to be realistic in order to properly train students and prepare them for any real event in which they may encounter an assailant. Learning Krav Maga requires training in a structured course, by qualified professionals who are experienced in Krav Maga fighting. TryATA Martial Arts is a recognized facility that is trained to provide Krav Maga training.