Powerful Karate Moves Taught at TryATA

Two powerful Karate moves you can
learn at a TryATA Martial Arts School

At TryATA karate, you will learn many powerful karate moves.  Karate moves taught at TryATA Karate are a great way to get in shape and also help relieve stress.  These Karate moves can really burn calories.  In fact, studies show that a Karate workout can burn up to 800 calories per hour.  The two Karate moves listed below both promote a strenuous workout.


Knifehand strike – The classic karate move

One karate move is the knifehand strike.  Done properly, the knifehand strike will focus the power of your entire body into a small part of your hand, utilizing the swing of your arm.  This can deliver a powerful blow to vulnerable areas of an assailant. The knifehand strike uses the swing of your right hand and the snapping your core to generate power. The outside edge of your hand is used to strike the target.

Round Kick for a Cardio Workout

The round kick is one of the most popular and devastating weapons in any martial artist’s arsenal. Round kicks utilize core muscles. Round kicks place a great demand on the core, which creates a whip-like action to deliver a knockout kick. The secret of the round kick is the torquing action created by your body to swing the round kick in an arc towards the target.  This powerful circular motion generates tremendous power, and also promotes a great workout.  Practicing round kicks is an excellent way to build greater strength in your legs, hips, and thighs. The hard work you put into building a strong round kick will payoff when you unleash your round kick on a target.