Why Practicing Karate is Important for Your Child


Sending your child to a kid’s karate class may be more important to your child’s well-being than you know. Not only will it give your son or daughter a boost in self-esteem and confidence, it will also help in a variety of other aspects. Here are reasons why your child should consider starting karate:

  1. Exercise– It’s obvious why this is listed as the number one reason. Karate allows your child to get active and start moving around. It is no mystery that healthy exercise is great for your body and your brain. It’s not only adults who are affected by the obesity problem that our nation faces. Additionally, studies show that our children are alarmingly unfit. Martial arts can help your child become healthy and active,
  2. Self Confidence – As mentioned before, it has been studied that karate is a perfect way for children to gain self-confidence. When you practice certain skills and gradually advance in your classes, of course you are going to feel a sense of pride. It also helps children gain a sense of humility as there will be many times that a stronger peer will do better. Ultimately, your child will learn that confidence and respect for others go hand in hand.
  3. Breathing Techniques– There is so much science out there nowadays that proves why breathing is so important to our physical and emotional health. Breathing correctly is essential to succeeding in whatever sport you choose, particularly karate. Your child will learn how to breathe and relax under pressure.
  4. Focus – A very important reason karate is so helpful to children is that it forces them to be still and silent. In today’s world where we are constantly plugged into the TV, internet, or gaming device, it can be close to impossible to truly concentrate. Karate is a great way for a child to train and work hard without any distraction. They learn that paying attention can be vital to succeeding.
  5. Learning to Fail – In karate, your child will learn that you can take a huge blow but still get up. This can translate into so many aspects of your child’s life. Your child will learn how to best take a hit and how to fully recover without feeling defeated. Kid’s karate classes ultimately teach your child the importance of resilience.