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Unleash Your Power! With TryATA

If you’ve always wanted to start getting into better physical shape and learn some of the best self-defense tactics, now is your chance! Join the experts of TryATA on to begin taking your choice of martial arts classes today. If you live in California and are ready to put forth the time and energy to master the art of Taekwondo, we’re sure to have a class that fits your needs and interests.

Kids ages 3 to 7 are a perfect fit for our beginners program – Karate for Kids. This series of martial arts classes for children is designed to help your child develop greater life-skills while also teaching them basic kicks, punches, and blocks. Students will also learn how to maintain a positive attitude, how to set goals, determination, self-control, and confidence. Best of all, they will be engaged in a healthy activity that will keep them physically fit the whole time.

For those who are over the age of 12 and re ready to start their martial arts journey in earnest, our Karate for Adults program is the next step. Our series of martial art classes for adults in California focuses heavily on high-intensity fitness and self-defense practices that you can expect to use in realistic situations. If you’ve been searching for a way to learn how to defend yourself, while also working out, TryATA’s classes are the perfect place to begin.

Still not entirely convinced that martial arts is for you? We have various locations throughout the Golden state including La Habra, Orange, North Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Rancho Cucamonga, and many more locations throughout California.

Please select the TryATA location closest to you from the list below and start learning martial arts right away!

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