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Unleash Your Power! With TryATA

Making the decision to get in shape and take on a martial art is a big choice, but the rewards far outweigh the investment. That is why the experts of TryATA are ready to help you begin your own martial arts journey right now. If you live in Indiana and have the drive, the dedication, and the desire to become a student of Taekwondo, we can start you on the correct path today!

For children that fall between the ages of 3 and 7, we offer the ATA Tigers program as a means to start training early. Our martial arts classes for children will have your child learning important skills that can be used in multiple aspects of their life in addition to beginner kicks and punches. Older children up to age 12 can join our Karate for Kids program. Children that join our classes also gain an insight toward positive mental attitude, high goal-setting, perseverance, self-control, and confidence. Even better, they’ll be engaging in a healthy activity that will keep them fit the whole time.

Our Karate for Adults program is design for the 12 years and older crowd, offering a great starting ground for complete mastery. As opposed to our classes for children, martial art classes for adults in Indiana will be focused on great intensity fitness and self-defense practices that apply to realistic situations in today’s world. If you’re searching for a great way to stay healthy and learn how to protect yourself, TryATA’s classes are the perfect place to begin.

If you’re not sure if taking up martial arts is for you, why not try it for yourself? We have locations in several cities across the Hoosier state including South Bend, Hobart, Demotte, Lafayette and many more. Please select a TryATA location below and begin your martial arts training right away!

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