Self-Defense for Adults

Martial-Arts-For-AdultsIt is always an advantage to be well trained and prepared to handle any physical threat that might come your way. A little bit of training in self-defense always comes handy. Adults including men and women are becoming more conscious about fitness and self help programs. As a matter of fact, women are more anxious to learn self-defense tactics to ensure their safety and security than their male counterparts are.

What is self-defense all about?

Self-defense is not just about punches, kicks, and super kicks. It is more about being faster, stronger, and sharper. You need to be trained, physically as well as mentally.

Self-defense programs for adults help you develop your basic instincts, identify, and face danger, build strategies for your own safety, fight back with aggression, and use your common sense and intelligence during critical situations. It also involves sessions that teach you how to survive an attack, how to find help after an attack, and how to arrange for some kind of first aid to heal your wounds. It is a systematic method that can become a reaction that may possibly save your life. teaches students the needed survival skills and confidence.

Needless to say, self-defense sessions make you aware of your innate strengths. Self-defense programs for women focus on teaching them to use their intuition, senses and intelligence to identify and avoid potential threats. After these training programs, women are swifter in their defenses, sharper in their attacks and more agile in their movements.

“I started training at a Try ATA martial arts school years ago. In just six months I lost 32 lbs. What I liked and love about the ATA is that the classes are not the same old boring gym routine. It fun, challenging and a great martial arts fitness workout that teaches a reality based life skill. My ATA instructor is more then a coach or a teacher, and a mentor in life. Thank you for all that you do for me and my family. A true “Victory in Martial Arts”.”
-Jamie T.

Benefits from self-defense programs

Most of the adults have an extremely busy schedule. They are not able to take out time for their personal health and fitness. Working men and women have problems in maintaining their physical and mental fitness. In such situations, self-defense training can be very beneficial. Some of the benefits associated with self-defense training are mentioned below. Self-defense training –

  • Increases your confidence level, helps you develop a positive attitude
  • Keeps your weight and cholesterol levels in control,
  • Enhances your physical endurance and reduces fatigue
  • Ensures that the overall strength and fitness of your body are maintained

A self-defense program makes you feel empowered and protected. You feel that you are in control of yourself and everything else that comes your way. You get hands-on practice on life saving skills. Apart from this, you can also master certain physical abilities like flexibility, speed, spontaneity and agility. It makes your motions quick and swift.

Self-defense programs at ATA (American Taekwondo Association)

You can Try ATA (American Taekwondo Association) for a training session in self-defense. Not only will you learn the basic techniques to defend yourself, but also the tips and tricks to overcome your attacker. Statistics show that adults quit self-defense programs because they feel that the karate instructors are not providing real world training in self-defense. It is just the opposite at the ATA (American Taekwondo Association) Martial Arts. Here, you can witness a well-planned and realistic self-defense training program implemented by competent martial arts instructors.

Self-defense training at an ATA Martial Arts can change your life completely. It will train and tone your body muscles, change your spirit and most importantly, it will discipline your mind and body. Prepare yourself for the reality of the world at

You need not be physically very strong, muscular, or experienced in martial arts in order to qualify for self-defense training. You just need to have the zeal and the vigor to be self-dependent and empowered.

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