Top Ten Tips for the New Year


Become-a-Member-karate-lessonsThe New Year is a time of celebration and delight as an old year passes and a new year appears over the horizon. Of course, lots of people are also busy making their resolutions and goals for the New Year. Perhaps you’ve thought about taking on TryATA martial arts training as a New Year’s resolution. Plenty of resolutions are made, but almost all of them are broken within the first two or three months. Sometimes it’s the stress of planning out how you’ll see your objectives through that cause the most problems.

If you’re having a little trouble figuring out how to plan goals for your New Year’s resolution, there’s no need to become stressed out or frustrated. TryATA Martial Arts offers ten extraordinary tips that can help you kick off the New Year and stick with your goals for the rest of the year. These tips are taught to students as they push toward their own goals.

Take note of the following tips:

1. Make the Decision to make the right choices. Find out what you want out of your goals and make the decision to pursue them. After all, it takes the first step to start a journey of a thousand miles.

2. Dissolve any negative thoughts you might have and create a positive persona that offers a positive outlook on life. The key theme of this step is to find the good in anything you set out to accomplish.

3. Take your goals and Divide them into categories. If you have goals that involve personal health, relationships and finances, place those goals into separate categories. This allows you to better manage your goals, so you can get where you need to be.

4. Always have the Determination to overcome obstacles. In just about everything you do, you have to be driven towards whatever your goals are. Creating fun steps and rewards for achieving important milestones gives you an even greater incentive to push farther and for longer.

5. Dedication is an important key for staying on the path to success. It is always a good idea to have small reminders and pieces of inspiration to help keep you on track to your goals. For instance, you might want to use pictures and newspaper clippings of the things you want to push yourself farther along the path.

6. Always have the Discipline to stay on the path no matter what. It never comes easy, but it is necessary to help keep you on the right track.

7. Don’t forget to Devote a little time towards maintaining your physical, mental and spiritual balance. There are plenty of ways to do this, so don’t hesitate to do some research if you are unsure as to how.

8. Never be afraid of Defeat, but don’t allow it to be the end-all for your goals. Never let your emotions and stress get the better of you. Perseverance is always important for achieving your goals, but it also doesn’t hurt to step back for a bit and assess your concerns in an entirely new light and in a much calmer manner.

9. Don’t be afraid to reassess and retry things that didn’t work before. After all, mistakes do happen, but there’s no good in dwelling on mistakes.

10. Above all, have fun. Most New Year’s resolutions are meant to be fun and exciting.

“Before Amber and Adrian started Taekwondo ATA Karate Classes, they used to be really shy, and whenever they had to do a school project and talk in front of the class, you could barely hear them. Both of them were really nervous. But, since they started with the ATA [Karate] and the Leadership classes both can talk in front of the class and it has helped their grades.”

-Mark Kashay (father of Adrian and Amber)