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Become-a-Member-karate-lessonsATA or the American Taekwondo Association to learn martial arts, as it is one of the biggest marital arts organizations in the United States. This organization offers marital arts training for kids and adults under the ATA martial arts training program. You can join the martial art classes here, irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman. The association has many affiliated schools which work with the motto of spreading awareness about martial arts and Songahm Taekwondo. The aim of martial arts is to develop self-knowledge, self-improvement, and self-management. The art of martial arts have seen so much progression and evolution through the ages. But the purpose of this art form has remained the one and the same and that being the purpose of self-defense. The organization combines the traditional principles of martial arts training along with new age ideas, to make the art more useful in todays ever changing world.

Need for training

Martial art training is necessary to increase self-confidence and self-control. It also improves out ability of self-defense. Knowing that you are able to defend yourself will definitely raise your confidence levels to a great extent. Apart from this, there are many other benefits that you can obtain from martial arts training at ATA.

Improves physical strength

People who join for ATA martial arts training can improve their fitness to a great extent. You can tone your muscles, reduce extra flab, and reduce your weight .All this can be achieved through an exciting filled method, which is different from the traditional workout routines.

ATA review and testimonial by an ATA Martial Art parent

“Before Amber and Adrian started Taekwondo ATA Karate Classes, they used to be really shy, and whenever they had to do a school project and talk in front of the class, you could barely hear them. Both of them were really nervous. But, since they started with the ATA [Karate] and the Leadership classes both can talk in front of the class and it has helped their grades.”

-Mark Kashay (father of Adrian and Amber)

Improves your emotional quotient

Apart from improving your physical strength, ATA training programs also help in improving your concentration and awareness to a great extent. You will also have an increased sense of self-control, which brings about self-discipline. This enables you to take a more balanced and controlled approach to problems in life.

Reduces stress

Martial arts training are also an efficient method of relieving stress. The training programs allow to be free from stress at your work place and your house. The punching, striking, and kicking exercises included in the training session, provides you with all the necessary physical exertion which can melt away your tensions. In this way, you place your focus on one particular thing so you tend to worry less about all the other problems.

Training for kids

Martial arts training at ATA are also provided for children with disorders like ADHD and ADD. Parents of ATA schools see the true benefits for their children.  Enrolling your children for ATA Karate for Kids is an option that parents should consider. This program can equip the child with life skills that are necessary to move forward in life. Such a program can completely change the life of the kid and will give him/her the confidence to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Try ATA and its affiliated schools work on the principle that ATA Martial Arts is a journey of a lifetime. No matter whom you are, or in what position you are, you will always have a lot to learn about the art. The association aims to provide all its students with a strong foundation for the body and mind and to evolve their life skills, so that the can face the challenges head on in life.

For more information on the American Taekwondo Association and ATA Martial Arts please visit and look for a location nearest you. Try ATA offers a variety of programs with special offers.  ATA Taekwondo, Karate for Kids, Martial Arts classes for men and women, Taekwondo lessons, ATA Life Skills and much more at participating locations.

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